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The Warren Industries Intelligent Door Brake System, or iDBS, is a patented electro-mechanical door brake, designed to bring unprecedented levels of functionality, convenience and safety to manually operated automobile doors. When combined with sensors, the system has the ability to adapt to user inputs, changing external conditions or potential safety hazards.


The vehicle displayed in the following videos is a prototype intended for technology demonstration purposes only. It is not intended to advertise any brand or model of automobile, nor is it intended to imply any relationship with or endorsement by any automobile manufacturer. The views espressed in the videos are the sole opinion of Warren Industries Ltd.

iDBS Features

iDBS Standard Operation

iDBS Infinite Check Positions

 iDBS Fling Open & Slam Shut Damping

iDBS Inclination Compensation

iDBS Conventional Rear Door Comparison

iDBS Static Obstacle Avoidance

iDBS Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

The Warren Industries Intelligent Door Brake Unveiled


The iDBS is designed to replace conventional door arresters in manually-operated automobile doors.


iDBS Functional, Convenience and Safety Features

Fling and Slam Damping

Inclination Compensation

Inclination Compensation


Inclination Compensation

Inclination Compensation

Inclination Compensation


Static Obstacle Avoidance

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance


Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance


  • Improved user ingress and egress convenience
  • Improved sense of vehicle quality
  • Holds door at any angle (Infinite check positions)
  • No detents or ramps to overcome while operating door
  • No tendency for door to “fall” into a detent position
  • Vehicle inclination compensation to reliably hold door
  • Capable of hold force variation to suit various situations
  • Static obstacle avoidance avoids dents and dings
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance improves safety for cyclists and motorists
  • Fling open damping
  • Slam closed damping
  • Smooth operation
  • Adjustable maximum door open angle
  • Door position locking feature
  • Customizable door feel 
  • Visual, audible and haptic feedback

Benefits for Vehicle Manufacturers


  • Competitive advantage from end user recognizable features
  • Marketable to all customers  
  • Physical integration: the system is designed to fit into the same location and packaging envelope as most traditional, separate style door checkers 
  • Can be a scalable (for features) or a consumer selectable option (trim level) 
  • Fully tuneable and customizable door efforts and feel 
  • Impact reduction during dynamic events (fling open and slam closed energy absorption) 
  • Light weight construction
  • Integration with existing electronic systems (if desired) 
  • Ease of installation
  • End stop load carrying capability
  • Minimal current draw 
  • Data collection capable to support warranty and user profiles

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